Sunday, 5 January 2014

December Empties

The last of my empties from 2013. I think it was quite a good year for getting through the multitude of products cluttering up my flat. December wasn't the most successful month but that's maybe because I spent a week of it catching up on sleep and not wearing any make-up (bliss!):

Radox Uplifting Shower Gel - Anything that attempts to make me feel more awake in the morning is always appreciated. I did like this; it smelled good, did the job and was probably on offer in Boots when I bought it.

Bioderma - No words needed. A trip to Paris in October has nicely replenished my stash (for now).

Lotion P50W Toner* - This was strong stuff but it left my skin feeling tingly clean thanks to the AHAs and has made me want to look into more exfoliating toners.

Skyn Pure Cloud Cleanser - I've only recently discovered this range but so far I love everything I've tried. This hot cloth cleanser left my skin feeling so clean and soft and it had a tiny bit of a cooling tingle which seems to be the theme of the entire range.The only bad thing was the small size of my sample tube.

What did you use up in December?


  1. What is captcha code?, pls provide me captcha code codes or plugin, Thanks in advance.
    jeux animaux

  2. Yes to not wearing much makeup last month! I picked up my mascara this morning and nearly poked my eye out!

  3. I need to get hold of some Bioderma- it sounds brilliant!

    Maria xxx

  4. Yummm the Radox Shower Gel must smell amazing!


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