Friday, 6 December 2013

The Office - Again

I haven't done a work wear post for a while. I was sorting out my wardrobe the other day and it seems to be mostly made up of summer clothes, bright casual wear and evening dresses which would imply that my life consists of holidays, weekends and parties - if only. When you consider that 47 weeks of the year are spent at work (so 235 days wearing work clothes if you work in an environment where there is some sort of "dress code"), there are 52 weekends in which to wear your casual clothes and I don't know how many parties I end up going to but definitely not enough to account for the wardrobe space devoted to the party dresses it would appear that my wardrobe doesn't reflect reality. New year's wardrobe resolution made, then: spend more money on decent work clothes and devote more wardrobe space to them. It just makes sense.

I was browsing Oasis for a party dress (for a party that I do not yet have an invite to - some habits are hard to break) when I found this dress on the "reject rail". The reason? The hem had come undone, I though "I can fix that! No, wait, I can't but my mother definitely can!" and purchased it with a discount for it being damaged stock. I rarely wear black as I think it makes me look even paler (especially against a while background under artificial light thanks to winter) but when I do wear it it does make me feel a little more grown up then the sparkly party dresses and neon leggings that seem to be cluttering up my wardrobe.

Dress: Oasis. The plant is getting involved in the pictures as it wasn't happy being next to a radiator so is now in my photo spot.
Does you wardrobe reflect reality?



  1. Oh, that's a gorgeous work dress xo

  2. I love that dress! I don't have any "office" wear even though I work in an office. OOPS ;)

  3. Haha, that is a good point! I think my wardrobe probably does reflect what I need my clothes for quite well. Tea dresses and tights/ leggings for when I am in the office, jeans and jumpers for when I'm working at home, gym stuff and a few nicer dresses and heels for nights out!


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