Monday, 9 December 2013

Little Restaruant Reviews

Little reviews, sometimes of little restaurants.

1. Mishkins

Mishkins describes itself as a "Jewish deli with cocktails". The food isn't actually Kosher but the menu takes inspiration from the Jewish delis of NYC with salt beef sandwiches, bagels and matzoh ball soup. The cocktail list is gin-based so easily persuaded me that a mid-week cocktail was a very good idea. And it was - I had the gin sour. Hannah and I sat at the bar as all the tables were full but the menu is the same and it gives a good view of the 1930s decor restaurant. I had the turkey schnitzel which was the Tuesday special but swapped the accompanying mash for slaw which the waiter was happy to do (I don't like potatoes in any form). Service was really great - our main dishes took a little longer than expected to arrive so complimentary glasses of prosecco were poured while we waited. I'll be back to work my way through more of the cocktail list.

2.The Diner

The Diner is a tried and tested favourite. My friend L and I visited the Covent Garden branch for a girly catch-up and sat in one of the booths contemplating the giant menus. The great thing about The Diner is that the same food is served all day so L was able to have lunch-y food while I had my (very belated) breakfast. My eggs florentine were really good - there's nothing more satisfying than slowly cutting into a perfectly poached egg. L's original burger and onion rings arrived in the trademark Diner baskets which make me feel like I'm in an episode of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (if only!). I like The Diner as its always dependably good and the prices are reasonable - and I'm still not even sure what some of the items on the menu even are (corn dog?).

3. Ping Pong

Ping Pong has been on my chain restaurant rotation for a while. I have membership of the Southbank Centre which includes one free dish per month, culture and free food is the sort of club I want to belong to. My friend P and I visited on Saturday night and shared the soft shell crab (so good), Vietnamese spring rolls and a variety of dumplings (the restaurant is too dark for decent food pictures, blogger's nightmare!). The service is quick and efficient, you can always order more if you want to try a dish that someone else across the communal table has ordered and the cocktails are good (as are the flowering teas if you are feeling more virtuous). I'm not usually a fan of "sharing food" type restaurant as my "fussy eating" and only child status don't really fit well with that sort of eating but for Ping Pong I'm willing to overlook this although a lot of the food does come in portions of three which may bother those with sharing issues or OCD.

4. Giant Robot, Clerkenwell

Hannah and I had had Giant Robot on our lists for ages so I was excited to finally visit before going to the Barbican's Pop Art exhibition on Sunday. The decor of the restaurant is really cool and it wasn't busy on a Sunday at midday. I was in need of caffeine (as ever) so was disappointed that they don't offer soya milk and Hannah's "freshly squeezed" orange juice definitely wasn't (points deducted, its not really brunch without coffee)! On to the food, Hannah opted for the Rotary Burger which looked amazing and came with a disproportionately large side of chips (marks re-gained for fries being included in the price and for being given a choice as to how the burger was to be coooked). I opted for the smashed avocado on sourdough as it sounded virtuous and tasty - when it arrived I was a bit disappointed at how small the portion was. For £7.50 I expected a slightly more substantial dish, it was delicious but if I had been starving and/or wanting an indulgent brunch it wouldn't have been enough, cue food envy over the burger opposite me and the scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on the next table (marks deducted).

What are your latest restaurant finds?



  1. I really want to go to Mishkins!

  2. Mishkins sounds amazing! I don't eat out that often but closer to Christmas we are going to a pop up event with lots of local restaurants doing street style food, I can't wait!


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