Monday, 4 November 2013

BRGR Co. Soho

A few weeks ago now, Hannah, Sarah, Sarah, Aisling, Sophie, Elodie and I went to BRGR Co. Soho for the burger afternoon tea. The experience was something of a disappointment, while the food was fine (not amazing, just fine) the service was slow - we waited for almost two hours to be served (we had booked the afternoon tea in advance so the restaurant knew what we'd be having) and when it did arrive the burgers were cold and it all fell rather short of the decadent burger afternoon tea concept promised. After a bit of umm-ing and arr-ing, I complained - I find complaining so hard to do, it's not very British to complain about things but I'm starting to get better when things don't go quite to plan. I think that if you have a genuine complaint its something that a restaurant should value as ultimately you're helping to make their service better and address any issues - just keep it polite, having worked in shops and a hotel I've experienced a lot of how not to complain...(clue: shouting, swearing - not good).

The manager kindly invited us back to BRGR to try the food again and on Saturday we finally found a spot in our diaries to return. I'm pleased to say that second time around, everything was so much better. The food arrived quickly and was really good and we were treated to two bottles of prosecco which helped add a bit of a celebratory mood which was perfect as there were some birthday's that had to be celebrated...The staff were great and let us spend ages chatting away between courses. Thanks for a lovely afternoon!

The BRGR Afternoon Tea. The burgers were pretty small but the mini brownie and donut were absolutely amazing. Sadly the donut is not on the main dessert menu but the brownie is.
Close up of the desserts - the other two are a mini cheese cake and a mini milkshake. £17 also gets you a small glass of prosecco and an iced tea.
Standard lunchtime with bloggers.
Round 2 at BRGR and I had the falafel burger as wasn't in the mood for meat. This was really good - the falafel was tasty and the bun really light and soft. The beef burgers did look good - I'll definitely try one on a future visit.

We had a selection of slides  - onion rings, cheese fries, parmesan truffle fries and chili cheese fries. I was intrigued by the "wedge salad" -  quite literally a wedge of iceberg lettuce. I had mine with the lemon and black pepper dressing. We also had dessert but I forgot to take a picture. I had a larger version of the cheesecake in a glass from the afternoon tea. It was good but I did slightly regret not ordering the brownie once I saw Hannah's dessert (boo hiss chocolate ban).
So on to the birthdays - Sarah got a mini Jo Malone perfume.
Birthday girl Elodie added to her arm party with a bright pink Kate Spade bracelet.
And Burger Queen Hannah appropriately got a burger book and a selection of pineapple and music-themed goodies.
Have you tried BRGR Co.?



  1. Nice pics! They look yummy :))
    Thanks for sharing..


  2. Aww I'm glad you had a great time the second time around! <3

    Jennie xo |


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