Friday, 25 October 2013

Edinburgh Eating

One of the best things about visiting a new city is trying out the restaurant offerings. As a southerner, Scottish food has slight connotations of deep-fried Mars Bars and haggis but Edinburgh had so much more to offer (although both were available for the adventurous eaters among us).

As the trip was to celebrate Hannah's birthday, afternoon tea at the Missoni Hotel was pretty high on our to-do list as a birthday treat. We arrived on Saturday afternoon after a chilly morning exploring the castle and working up an appetite only to cruise past Russell Brand in the bar having a (soft, I assume) drink with a friend. I told you that I had joined the jet-set, didn't I? The hotel is predictably well decorated. We might have been staying in a hostel but it made the few hours in luxury feel all the more special for it.

The menu changes seasonally and we were among the first to try the A/W selections.
The Missoni print table wear.
The afternoon tea includes all the usual elements - open sandwiches, scones and cakes. We were also given little cups of ice cream which was a nice touch but when are you meant to eat it? As a starter? With the cakes when it has possibly melted?
The sandwiches are made with bread baked in the hotel - far better than white sliced!
The cake selection was quite unusual - I loved the calvados mousse and the home-made marshmallow was definitely a new experience.
 At £23 the Missoni afternoon tea was great value. There were no refills of the food but there was an endless supply of tea and we weren't rushed at all so had plenty of time to work our way through the food. The bathrooms in the hotel are also a must visit, seriously.


On our last evening we were recommended Cafe Marlayne, a French restaurant off of George Street where all the high end stores are. The weather on Sunday got increasingly worse throughout the day so getting out of the cold and entering the cosy restaurant definitely felt like a treat.

The hand-written menu changes daily.
I had the red lentil, coriander and cumin soup to start. Soup is never going to be the most photogenic of foods but this tasted so good and was really warming.
I umm-ed and arr-ed over the main course but eventually opted for the veal. I don't eat veal very often but this was so good that I didn't regret not getting the tuna. The mains all came with sides of vegetables to share so this felt like a pretty virtuous meal after all the cake the day before!
Cafe Marlayne was the perfect foodie end to our Edinburgh adventure.

Have you visited Edinburgh?


  1. The food looks amazing - have always wanted to visit Scotland! :)

  2. Those sandwiches were so so good.

  3. I haven't been to Edinburgh in ages. That food sounds amazing, although I have to say I would have went mental if I'd seen Russell Brand!


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