Saturday, 12 October 2013

Check Mate

Every time the new season trends come out I am filled with disgust and decide that I absolutely hate everything. Then...a few trends starts to grow on me and I suddenly need to purchase a whole new wardrobe. Happens every season and yet I am still never on my guard and able to protect myself from new season lust. This season I am surprisingly in love with everything 90s. I was but a mere child during the actual 90s (well, that's what I tell myself - I was born in 1987) so while I remember the trends I was a little too young to really participate in the trends besides from Tammy Girl and 915 at New Look's interpretations of them. I love early 90s music and the grungy style that came with it, secretly I still want to be D'Arcy Wretzky from the Smashing Pumpkins...As for the later 90s, no thank you very much.

While full-on grunge is probably never going to happen given that Monday - Friday I need to look vaguely office presentable, a plaid shirt is a good place to start. I wore this outfit for a decidedly un-grungy day of getting my nails done, having burger afternoon tea with the Dream Team (amazing caramel donut, terrible service) and going to what almost definitely was my first and last BBQ of the summer.

Dress: ASOS Petite; Shirt: Pull & Bear (purchased in Spain); Necklaces: Vintage via my mother

Yes, the magnifying glass is real. I'm sure it will come in useful one day.
What are you favourite autumn trends?


  1. Tartan whilst in Scotland? How appropriate!

    - Elodie x

  2. I've fallen head over heels for tartan and bought FAR too much, I'll be rocking it for the next decade, long after the trend has died out, oops! x

  3. Tartan is by mar my favourite trend!

  4. It's really weird, I can remember being in the 90's and thinking 80's stuff was rubbish and thinking that there were no real trends that encapsulated the decade, how wrong! You look great in that shirt :-)

  5. Love love LOVE this outfit, you look gorgeous!

    Maria xxx


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