Thursday, 29 March 2012

Weekend Face v.2

To coincide with my spending ban, all of my make-up seems to have run out, broken or gone missing. Instead of running to Boots and manically throwing things into my basket I've had to delve into my big box of neglected make-up. I found a fair few eyeliners that I don't even remember buying so decided to go for a heavy liner look although I think it turned out a little more Kate Middleton rather than dramatic rock chick:


YSL Touche Eclat, 17 Pressed Powder, Witch Concealer, L'Oreal Bronzer Trio, Mac Paint Pit in Rubenesque, L'Oreal Superliner in Carbon Gloss, Maybelline Gel Liner, L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara, Rimmel Brow Pencil in Hazel, Topshop Lip Tint in Berry

Are you an eyeliner fan? I'm addicted to my liquid liner but not sure I'm convinced by gel liners, far too time consuming for everyday which is probably why mine was languishing in the box of unwanted products.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hello Summer!

Summer is here! Well, it feels like it. Hard to believe that its still March so I'm not putting my winter clothes away just yet. However, this weekend it was time to get out the summer shorts, and my super pale legs.



Top: Topshop, Shorts: Forever 21, Sandals: River Island

And yes, I was a little cold when I first left the house but the sun thankfully made an appearance.

I wore this to do some "egging" with Hannah. We had a very productive day tracking down eggs in sunny St James' Park, Green Park and Mayfair:


Have you broken out your summer wardrobe yet or are you still clinging onto tights and winter coats?

I love summer dressing but think that I might be in need of a spray tan before I get my legs out again!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Week Just Gone v.4

What a week! Summer finally feels like it has arrived, I'm already embracing the summer wardrobe and I've walked about 100 miles all over London in pursuit of eggs. As you do.

The photos:


1 - 2. Motel sample sale. I got this floral dress and the famous Heidi for £10 each on Thursday. Not too bad at all. My first purchases in over a month on my spending ban so I don't feel too guilty.

3. Beauty goodies. I went to the Vitality Show on Saturday morning which was really fun. Lots of goodie bags and yummy free samples which fuelled my afternoon of egg hunting nicely.

4. Working girl. This blazer is one of my favourite pieces. So happy to ditch my winter coat for it.

5. Date cake in Drink, Shop and Do. So yummy. Was super hungry after an afternoon of egg hunting in the sunshine with the lovely (and very organised) Hannah.

6. Scrabble time. My spelling is terrible. I lost.

I'm feeling slightly annoyed by the clock change, I know I will be super tired at work tomorrow as I am not going to be sensible and get an early night as I've been cheated out of an hour of my day and still have loads to do. Currently watching the F1 highlights and planning my egg hunting for next week. I have a feeling Hannah is going to beat me!

Have you been enjoying the start of summer?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Shhh...Motel Sample Sale

Psst, just a super quick post to let you know that Motel are holding a sample sale tomorrow and Friday at their London HQ from 10am - 7pm.

Prices start from only £3. I'm very tempted to break my shopping ban for this. If you haven't visited Motel before, it's just behind Oxford Circus Topshop.

See you there!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Week Just Gone v.3

Another week gone. I am still keeping up my spending ban but its not all bad, turns out there are other things to do do in London than shop:


1. Graze box. I'm still not bored of these. They save me from becoming hangry at precisely 4.30pm every work day. (If you've still not tried one use my code 7KN159X for a free box)

2. Mini desserts at a Turkish restaurant.

3. Saddest thing ever. All my make-up is breaking or running out at the moment. I have five other pressed powders in my make-up box though so it's ok. (I know, you were freaking out then, too)

4. Dinner at Tibits. I used to go to Tibits once a week, need to start doing that again as the food is just so good!

5. St Patrick's day parade. I have absolutely no Irish blood but the parade was really fun!

6. Mocha at the Wolseley. Had lunch there with my parents on Sunday, the food was amazing and the service spot on. You know you're at a good restaurant when your fellow diners are Michael Winner and Jude Law. I wish I could say that Jude Law wasn't all that in real life but er, he totally was. Mummy Lipstick agreed.

7 & 8. Took my parents to see David Hockney at the Royal Academy. Such a good exhibition, so much to see and loved the mix of giant landscapes and iPad drawings.

How was your week? What are you 4.30 saviour snacks? And have you seen any good exhibitions lately?

Friday, 16 March 2012

High Brow

My eyebrows and I have not always got along. When I was younger I used to get teased for having dark, thick brows which contrasted rather oddly with my blonde hair. I wasn't allowed to pluck them at the time but fate intervened and one Christmas, when I as twelve or thirteen, my Christmas cracker gift was a pair of gold tweezers in a plastic lilac case. While most people would've been disappointed to get tweezers in a cracker, I was thrilled. I secreted them in my bedroom and whenever I knew my parents were out I'd get to work on plucking my eyebrows. Those were the days.

These days, I more often get complimented on my brows rather than laughed at for them but the relationship with my eyebrows is still less than perfect. I spend more time taming and obsessing over them than anyone would guess. They grow ridiculously fast and need a daily plucking session although these days I've graduated to Tweezerman tweezers. I almost had a heart attack the other day when I misplaced them, such is their importance in my routine. I get my brows threaded every 2-3 months to tidy up the overall shape which gives them a really clean, defined look as well as getting rid of all the fine hairs which tweezers never seem to tackle.

I've also discovered brow products to help enhance and tame my eyebrows. My favourites are Benefit's Browzings and Rimmel eyebrow pencil in Hazel. I use the pencil when I'm in a rush and the Benefit powder and wax when I have a little more time. It's amazing what a difference filling in and little gaps and building up the sparser ends of my brows makes to my entire face. It seems to make me look instantly more groomed without wearing any obvious make-up. And don't worry, I'm not going to be going for the Scouse brow look any time soon...


Face: YSL Touche Eclat, 17 Pressed Powder, Topshop Blusher in High Five, L'Oreal GlamBronze in Blonde. Eyes: Mac Paintpot in Rubenesque, L'Oreal Superliner Carbon Gloss, L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara, Benefit Eyebright, Benefit Browzings in Light. Lips: Viva Glam Gaga

Dress: Primark

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Week Just Gone v.2

Another week of playing instagram catch-up. I feel like it was only a week ago that I was celebrating the start of 2012 and now its halfway through March. I'm sure time only goes by faster the older you get.


1. Experimenting with a new haircut.
I've never had a full fringe so actually getting one cut would be a bit of a risk. I hate change! Ebay clip-in fringe to the rescue. I was impressed by how much this one matched my hair colour although the join on top of your head is rather obvious unless you use a hairband/scarf to hide it. It's amazing how much a fringe changes your look. I love how it draws more attention to my eyes but I'm not sure if I could deal with having hair on my face all the time.

2. Barry M topcoat.
My Seche Vite died a gloopy death this week so I saved some pennies with the Barry M topcoat. It's pretty good and made this polish (Model's Own Purple Ash) last 4 days without chipping.

3. London Egg-Hunt.
Giant eggs have been popping up all around London. I saw a few while I was out running and taking the picture of this one gave me an excuse to catch my breath.

4. Lobster.
I've always wanted to try lobster but have always been put off by the cost and not knowing how to actually eat one. A friend had vouchers for Pescatori so I decided to be brave and try it! My unrefined tastebuds thought that it tasted like a "big prawn".

5. Coffee and theatre.
I went to see Bingo at the Young Vic on Saturday. The play itself was a little odd, I'm not entirely sure that I "got" it but it was fun to see Patrick Stewart perform and the Young Vic is my favourite theatre, its so small that you really feel like you're a part of the performance.

6. Sandwich.
Sometimes simple food is the best. I'm really fussy about sandwich fillings but this one (chicken, salad and nothing else!) was perfect. Eaten outside at Spitalfields market. And yes, this was the only thing I spent money on while there so the spending ban is being adhered to!

Any thoughts on fringes and sandwich fillings? Seen anything good at the theatre lately?

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Make Do And...Restyle!

A new work outfit...with a difference. In keeping with my last post and avoiding buying anything new I delved deep into my wardrobe to see what's lurking in there and found this dress:


Dress: Zara, Jumper: Uniqlo

I bought this dress 4 years ago in the Zara sale for £9. It still had the tags on. I think that must be a record, even for me of not wearing something for a long time after purchasing it. Just think how much the world has changed in those 4 years since this was bought.

I didn't even try this dress on when I bought it, if I had I would have realised that it cannot be worn without something underneath (unless you have a radically different line of work to me). I try to avoid buying clothes that need "something" to make them wearable as in reality, it's impossible to find that item and the sheer shirt or too short skirt end up languishing in the back of the wardrobe until a shopping ban forces them to, somehow, be made wearable.

I ended up layering the dress over a plain short-sleeved jumper as even with a vest top underneath I still felt too exposed. I like how this turned out, I don't usually do layering of wear below-the-knee dresses so it made a nice change and gave me the novelty of wearing something new without denting this month's bank balance.

Do you have clothes in your wardrobe that need "something else" to make them wearable? How would you style this dress?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

This Must Stop

My name is Lily and I'm an impulse buyer.

I just can't help it. I have items in my wardrobe that still have the tags on them. New purchases often remain in carrier bags for over a week before I remember that a) I bought them and b) I need to put them away. Parcels arrive from ASOS that I don't remember ordering (I like to think I have a secret admirer buying me clothes until I check my bank balance). All of these purchases seem absolutely essential at the time. Who cares that I don't have anywhere to wear a gold lamé dress. Of course I need another pair of denim shorts when I already have five. And this dress is only £12 in the sale, it'd be a crime not to buy it.

Repeating the above for the past five years has resulted in my having three wardrobes bursting full of clothes, two chests of drawers and more shoes than I know where to put. This must stop.

One of the wardrobes, yesterday evening.

So, I'm setting myself some rules:

1. I will not buy any clothes/accessories/make-up at all.

2. I will take one black bin liner worth of things I don't wear to the charity shop and ebay anything ebay-able.

3. I will not impulse buy, buy things because they are on sale or "treat myself" with purchases if I've had a stressful week.

4. I will put all the money I've saved into a "New York Shopping Fund" account to sensibly treat myself to some new buys when I'm in NYC in July.

So, five months without impulse buying awaits. I really, really hope I can do it. I'll hopefully save lots of money, have a big clear-out and find some items that I've forgotten I even owned in the process. I've already got off to a good start, I listed these items on ebay and survived a visit to Topshop Oxford Circus and Monki before LDN Lunch without buying a thing.

Are you an impulse buyer? Or do you carefully plan and save for your splurges?

PS. I wrote this humorously, I don't have a full blown problem "shopping addiction" but I do think that we should all think about our spending and consumerist urges a little. But not too much, if you have the money and want to spend it on impulse purchases then by all means do, shopping is and should be fun. Just don't take out those awful store cards with 30% APRs and get into debt over spring/summer's pastel delights. Because debt is not fun at all and no amount of clothes are worth it.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Week Just Gone

A little more than a week in photo form:


1. Dinner at Pho - still obsessed with all things noodle. I should probably learn how to cook them myself.

2. Spring is coming...maybe? Is it? I hope so. I'm trying to run outside more and now that its not so cold and dark being outside in the fresh air is the most amazing feeling.

3. Red Velvet cake...

4. ...and Alice in Wonderland tea at Drink, Shop and Do. Drinking tea out of a teapot is one of my easiest, simplest pleasures.

5. New shoes (Rocketdog via Tk Maxx). Aztec print and a cork heel = summer footwear sorted.

6. New bag (French Connection sale). I've been looking for a new clutch for ages. I don't have any evening events coming up but who says that a bag like this is just for night time anyway?

7. An elephant that off of Fleet Street last week. I don't know why either.

8. Marc Jacobs adorable flats. I'm a heels girl all the way but these are too cute.

9. Justine Picardie at Words Words Words. This was the most perfect evening; Justine Picardie spoke about Coco Chanel's life, Ali Smith and Linda Grant read from their latest books, free cocktails were drunk and the lovely Hannah and I left with a goodie bag of Chanel make-up. Hopefully the girlfriends of the slightly bemused men sitting next to us appreciated it too!

10. Books books books at Words Words Words. I am trying to read more and not use life, work or copious amounts of time spent online as an excuse not to.

11. Nail polish from my last GlossyBox. I'm tempted to get rid of all my other nail polishes and only use shades like this from now on.

12. Veggie burger at LDN Lunch yesterday. Such a fun day, hit Topshop first and then Monki (I'm coming back when I've lifted my spending ban) before lunch with a huge group of bloggers. It was really fun to catch up with familiar faces and meet other bloggers in "real life" for the first time. Big thanks to Sophie and Eloise for organising it all.

How has your week been?

Friday, 2 March 2012

Thick & Fast

I'm a huge fan of Soap and Glory's bath products but had no idea that they had a make-up range until quite recently. I haven't heard an awful lot about the products so couldn't resist purchasing last month's Elle for the free S&G mascara. I'm not sure how I feel about the brand's foray into make-up. Surely there are already enough brands out there and make-up is a pretty different animal to bath products...isn't there a case for sticking to what you know?

The make-up is priced around the same as the more expensive "drugstore" brands (I cannot bring myself to say the word "drugstore" out loud but I can't think of anything better for blog purposes) and the mascara retails at £10.


My first reaction was "EUGH". I hate huge mascara brushes. I really wanted to dislike this mascara but at least the magazine entertained me for a few hours so I didn't feel too bad about it all. When I eventually got round to trying the mascara, I was pleasantly surprised. Although the brush is huge, it was really easy to control and only took a few coatings for my lashes to look nice and thick. The formula is actually quite dry which I wasn't expecting either. Despite this, my lashes ended up looking soft and fluttery and the big brush surprisingly didn't deposit blobs of mascara all around my eye area. Twelve hours later the mascara was holding up well, no flaking or smudging (although, really, it's 2012, no mascara should EVER smudge by now).

Have you tried this mascara? Or any other S&G make-up?
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