Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Review: 17 Soft Liner

I often forget to check the "Advantage Kiosk" offers at Boots but I was glad I did last week as there was a voucher for a free 17 "Hide and Chic" concealer when you bought another 17 product. I decided on the Soft Liner in Black as my trusty L'Oreal Superliner really should be destined for the bin, I'm just too lazy to stop using it! When I got to the till it turned out that I could still take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer so I ended up getting two liners and the concealer for only £3.99!


I haven't tried the concealer yet as I'm using up the last of my ELF Undereye concealer first. The brush doesn't look amazing but I apply undereye concealer with my fingers so it shouldn't make too much of a difference for me.

The liners are felt-tip style with a nib that can be used for a thick or thin line. When I swatched these on my hand in the store, the liner was still there the next morning despite having a shower and washing my hands multiple times. I used the brown liner for the first time yesterday, it's not as pigmented as a liquid liner but the softer line looked nice and natural for day time. The liner lasted all day and there was no transferring onto my eyelid. I'm usually a black liner devotee but I really liked the brown for a more natural day-time look.

I'm also wearing a Clinque smokey eye trio and Rimmel The Max mascara in the eye photo.

Have you tried any of these 17 products?

Monday, 27 June 2011

Aussie Lusciously Light Soiree!

On Saturday, I attended Aussie's Summer Soiree at Sunbeam Studios in Ladbrooke Grove. The studio had been set up for a day of Aussie fun - hairstylists, a professional photographer, lunch and even a little garden area to enjoy the sunshine in.

I had my hair styled near the start of the day - I didn't have a particular style in mind so decided to let the stylist do whatever she wanted so long as my hair was off my face (I cannot STAND hair on my face. Kirby grips are my BFF). I loved the finished result, it reminds me of Kate Middleton's wedding day hair but a bit blonder and curlier. My stylist was lovely, I feel really bad that I can't remember her name...I am terrible with names. The name labels were a very useful idea on the day for us Angels!


It was great to catch-up with the Angels I met at the Lusciously Lighter Self bootcamp day and to meet the Lusciously Lighter Style Angels too. My favourite feature of the day had to be the candyfloss machine, it was so fun to make it and tasted far better than I remember it to be. Pure sugary naughtiness but I think it was balanced out by the healthy salad lunch! I left with beautifully styled hair, aching feet and a purple goodie bag containing macaroons (these may not have made it out of the studios with me) and Aussie "Take The Heat" conditioner to try out.

Thanks to Aussie for the fab day! Check out Harriet's, Tabitha's, Susie's and Maria's posts too!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

500 Dresses Of Summer: 4

I bought this dress a while ago with the ASOS Groupon deal. I had two vouchers and could not find anything that I liked for my second one. Ended up buying this Vero Moda dress which I was not a fan at all of when it arrived. I was going to send it back but it turned out that I would lose the £9 I'd spent on the Groupon voucher....after much thinking I decided that as the dress fitted me I might as well keep it and just see it as another lessen that buying clothes online just isn't really for me. I'm one of those people who try on about twenty things before buying one so the chances of liking something picked out from a photo of a super-skinny model on the ASOS website isn't really too high!


Dress: Vero Moda @ ASOS

I don't know what it is that I don't like about this can just see on my face that I'm not convinced by it. The style isn't really me and I'm paranoid that the side pockets make my hips look huge...I'll still wear but it definitely won't be one that I reach for often.

Do you have items like this in your wardrobe? That there's nothing actually "wrong" with them but you just don't feel very "you" wearing them?

Wednesday, 22 June 2011


It feels like I've been ridiculously busy since I got back from my Prague trip although I can't pin down exactly what I've been doing since then...general life, I guess. I have acquired a few new things which I thought I'd share:


An array of competition wins and freebies:

- Elle Reiss vest - practically see through but I've purchased the free tshirt Elle every year since I was 16 and I'm not going to stop now!

- Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - £10 in the Prague Airport Duty-Free, the pot is almost too cute to use.

- Glamour competition wins - Lipcote Vanilla and Label M hair texturiser.

- Glamour Benefit freebies - not going to say anything about these other than that my lovely mummy ran out to the shops to get me all three while I was away!


ELF - taking advantage of free delivery

- Studio Concealer Brush - my old ELF concealer brush looks like it's been chewed so at £3.50 it was time for a new one!

- Studio Warm Bronzer - I've read good reviews of this and thought I'd give it a try as it's neither too dark nor too sparkly.

- Cuticle Pen - I get really dry cuticles so this pen may actually result in me moisturising them as I don't really like using handcream.

- Eyeshadow Base - my UDPP has nearly run out and I hate the packaging far too much to spend £11-odd on a new one.


Three Week Manicure

I had a voucher from KGBdeals for a three week mani-pedi at Cottons Fitness, London Bridge. It was only £19 so I thought I'd give it a go, really impressed so far, it's been over a week already (how the time flies!) and my nails are still chip free. The polish was set under an LED light so dries instantly - the best thing by far about this manicure is that it's dry when you leave the salon so there's no fear of chipping it in the first hour while it's still drying fully. The non-voucher price was £115 so I shall definitely be on the lookout for another voucher as I can see my nails looking good for a while longer.

Have you been taking advantage of freebies? Do you use deals websites to save money on beauty treatments?

I love KGB and Groupon - spa visits and manicures are such a treat for me and it's great to get them for bargain prices.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Mini-Break: Prague

I thought I'd share some of the photos from my trip to Prague. Before I went the first thing that came to my mind when people mentioned Prague was stag-dos and cheap pints. While there was a definitely stag-do presence (mostly on our EasyJet flight) the city has so much more to offer and every day I was surprised at just how beautiful the city was. Prague isn't in the Eurozone so it's far cheaper than the other European cities I've visited recently - my friend and I saw Carmen at the National Opera for around £12. The only slight downside (for myself and my vegetarian friend) was the food. Traditional Czech food seems to be meat, potatoes and not much in the way of fresh fruit and veg. Being a bit of a fussy eater/health freak we ended up having most of our meals in Starbucks but definitely got a taste of Czech culture from all the museums, galleries and historical sights instead.



The Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square.


Prague Castle Tour - our tour guide and a famous statue.


St Vitus' Cathedral.


Sculpture on Kampa Island.


Entrance to the Charles Bridge.


Prague Castle by night.


Chocolate museum - free taster!


Eiffel Tower replica - one third of the size of the original.

Have you been to Prague?

Thursday, 16 June 2011

What I Prague

Packing light is not something that I'm good at. Despite having 1.5 "gap yahs" and getting far too excited over travel sized toiletries I still struggle with paring down to the bare essentials for trips away. I recently spent 3 nights in Prague and due to having exams for the two weeks prior to the trip I didn't really consider luggage until the night before when I realised that the only bag I had in London was my Longchamp Le Pliage. Deciding on only three outfits to take with me was so hard that packing took me forever. I'm definitely investing in a decent sized cabin bag for my next trip away. Here is what I ended up wearing:


Day 1: Jacket - H&M, Dress - Joules @ John Lewis

Day 2: Dress - TK Maxx, Sunglasses - free with an Australian magazine

Day 3: Dress - Miss Selfridge

Day 4: Shorts - Next, Button-down top - Topshop, Sandals - New Look

The weather was lovely until the last day when it rained a bit but luckily it didn't get too cold. The friend I was travelling with knew about my blog so I didn't feel too silly asking her to take full length outfit photos of me each day!

What are your "travel light" tips?

Monday, 13 June 2011

500 Dresses Of Summer: 2 and 3

Continuing my dress series, dresses 2 and 3. Dress 2 was £6 from the children's section of M&S, children's clothes are such bargains and the sizes aren't as small as you'd think...I always have a sneaky look in the children's section. Dress 3 was bought on my trip to Milan last year in the Mango sale. Love this one for "day to night" occasions as it can easily be brightened up with red lipstick and red heels.


Left photo: dress - M&S, shrug came attached. Right photo: dress - Mango.

Friday, 10 June 2011

500 Dresses Of Summer: 1

I have a lot of dresses. 500 may be an over-estimate but I thought I could use this feature to try to catalogue every dress I wear this summer. Hopefully it'll challenge me to wear more of my wardrobe rather than just repeating the same outfits over and over. Bloggers may never blog the same outfit twice but in real life it's all to easy to keep reaching for the same thing when you're short of time...I'm always a bit fearful of what's lurking in the back of my wardrobe (is there a reason I haven't worn something in forever/at all?) but can always trust that the outfit I wore last week will work this week because, well, it looked good last week!

So, here is dress 1:


Dress: H&M, Jacket: Zara

Monday, 6 June 2011

Review: Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara


I'd seen Rimmel's latest mascara offering "Day 2 Night" in Boots on a couple of recent visits (exam stress has seen Boots visits rather increase in frequency...still, it's on my way home from the library and cheaper than buying clothes) so it was a nice surprise to receive it in the post from Rimmel to review. You know how I love my mascara and I will never get bored of trying new ones and reviewing them.


My first thoughts are that this looks an awful lot like Mac's Haute & Naughty mascara, albeit an affordable, drugstore version.

The "Length" brush is rather delicate-looking with widely spaced bristles. It's doesn't pick up much product so gives a natural, feathery lash look. The "Volume" brush has much denser bristles and picks up a lot (and I mean a LOT) of mascara, giving a thick, volumised lash look.


Right: "Length" brush. Left: "Volume" brush.

As someone who likes their lashes to look super thick and dark whatever time of day it is, a product like this probably wouldn't appeal to me as I'd never use the "day" setting. While I keep most of my make-up fairly natural lashes are my "thing" and I can't imagine not having them as thick and black as can possibly be achieved with mascara. However, if you're someone who does prefer a natural look for day/work then this would be ideal as the "Length" brush provides a nice subtle look.

I will continue to use this mascara as I loved the end result with the "Volume" brush, nice thick dark lashes and no smudging or flaking. Another advantage of this mascara is that it can be easily built up without clumping, I found I got the best results when using the "Volume" brush first and then combing through with the "Length" brush to define and separate my lashes but it'd work the other way round if you used the "Length" brush for day and then topped it up before a night out.

Do you change your make-up from day to night?

I think I base mine more on my mood - if I want to wear a smokey eye or a red lip during the day then why not!
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